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Improve the efficiency of production process

We can offer you a professional overhaul of machines. Why we can say – professional ? Because we have been operating on the market for 14 years, that is why we can say that we have great experience in maintaining movement.
We earn trust from many customers, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Why you should trust us?

First of all, we provide a wide range of services. We do a overhaul of production machines from freezers to furnace! There is no machine that we can’t  fix ! You are not sure if your factory is appropriate to our service? We are happy to advise any client what he should do with his machines, so please contact us without any doubts!

We can guarantee top best quality of our service. With every new order we are gaining experience, feature that is very important for us. All our obligations we do honestly, and with attention to every detail. We approach every client individually. We bear in mind that every industry have different requirements. It is a reason why we are not working through a pattern. We are aware of a fact that every our case  is different than previous one.

Dear customers, please bear in mind that every machine has defined frequency of inspections and please do not ignore this fact. Overhaul of machine not only affects their work, but also a safety of your employees. Do not risk and make sure that every overhaul takes place in a timely manner.

While doing an overhaul of production machines most of the time we decide to do a repair. Please be prepare that all our works can take a few days. Sometimes there is a possibility that a machine is ready to be repaired but the nearest possible term will be set out in next month.

Remember that a “healthy” machine is connected  with effect of it work. Just as people have to go to a doctor, the machines must be inspected. That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of our service.
One of the most effective ways to keep the machine in perfect technical condition is implementation of TPM / AM and constant improvement of this system.

What is TPM / AM?

At the very beginning, these letters may seem mysteriously, but not for long. We will explain what TPM / AM is and why it is worth using it!

Above all, the goal of TPM is to extend a machine exploitation time and reduce the maintenance costs of machinery and equipment. It also aims to increase stability of production processes. So to simplify , its task is to maintain the movement!

TPM / AM pursues goals in two areas: machine and man.

AM in the machine area:

From this perspective, all employee activities should focus on keeping machines and other devices in high availability state so that maintenance department can receive information from operators about a condition of an entire park. This way, the maintenance department will be able to plan its TPM activities. Thanks to the fact that operators know the machines well, they will be able to develop projects with technologists and employees responsible for maintain movement, which will improve  operation and capacity of machines. This way, maintenance staff will be able to switch to  predictive machine operation (from reactionary). As a result, the reliability and availability of machines increases, manufacturing costs are reduced and profits of a company that uses TPM grow.

TPM / AM in the area of ​​man:

The main goal of TPM / AM in this area is to increase the efficiency of work by increasing the skills and knowledge of employees, and in result to increase their responsibility. Thanks to this, employees are more involved in their work, they learn an ability to interpret properly  given situation and  to make the best decisions. Maintaining movement will no longer be a problem for them.

TPM proofs that the purchase of new machines is not the only way to improve the efficiency of production process. In fact, purchase of new equipment involves huge costs that not each company can afford to. After purchasing new machines equipped with the latest diagnostic solutions, but without a well-designed and implemented maintenance plan, there is a risk of rapid loss in area of efficiency. Also, without having well-educated workers, the quality of a machine can be reduced. That is why you should consider implementation  of TPM!

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